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Self-Compassion Coaching


A person’s self-esteem or self-worth can often fluctuate from high to low, and where it falls on that continuum can deeply affect their mental health. All of us have moments of self-doubt, but if you find yourself in a cycle of constant negative self-talk, having trouble finding any good in yourself, or beating yourself up about things you would give your best friend a pass for, then maybe it’s time to work on that self-compassion.

I recognize that low self-esteem can look different for everyone, and can range from:

  • Imposter syndrome: when people fear they’re not as good as everyone thinks they are, and that failure will reveal the true flawed self
  • Rebellion: when people pretend the opinions of others don’t matter, but feelings of inferiority manifest as anger, blame and shame.
  • Victimizing: when a person sees themselves as helpless, resulting in self-pity and avoidance of challenging situations.  They often rely on others to save them.

No matter the reason for low self-esteem, I can help you work on a new perspective on life and yourself.