Has Covid stress and social isolation got you eating more than you normally do? Do you find that cooking and baking are new favourite hobbies at home? I’ve heard the term “quarenten” being used to describe the ten pounds we might all gain by the time this period ends. So you’re not alone! Many of us are finding ourselves on food blogs and digging up old recipe books. But this might be more than just boredom or wanting to learn a new skill.

Studies suggest that social isolation causes craving responses in our brain similar to hunger. This means that people who are forced to be isolated crave social interactions the same way a hungry person craves food. So if you’re a highly social person, having to stay home right now will likely cause more cravings for you, as you’re trying to satisfy a completely different craving by feeding it. And the longer we are kept isolated, the stronger the craving sensation.

But here’s the good news. We live in a time when we can connect virtually with our loved ones in seconds! We can play online games together, have virtual coffee dates and dinner parties. Physical distancing doesn’t have to mean complete isolation. So the next time you’re emptying your pantry, ask yourself  “am I actually hungry or do I need to connect with someone”.  If you’re not truly hungry, try calling someone and see how you feel.

Stay well and stay safe everyone