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5 Common Myths

We have seen a recent increase in awareness around mental health and the importance of counseling on social media. This has no doubt helped many of us learn about ourselves and the impact of our environment and the people we interact with on our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

However, the stigma around mental health has not fully gone. In fact, there are many misconceptions around what counselling is and what it entails.

Below are five of the most common myths, followed by facts that can help us reduce the stigma around therapy.

Myth #1: Only “crazy” & “weak” people go to counseling.
Fact: The majority of people who attend counseling sessions are stable and strong enough to take the decision to put an end to what’s affecting their lives negatively. In fact, it takes more bravery and courage to admit that you need another perspective, some support or a different way of coping. Many people shy away from getting help simply out of fear of a possible diagnosis or how others will view them. Rest assured, therapy is for everyone!

Myth #2: The therapist doesn’t know me, so they can’t help me.
Fact: One of the main reasons why counselling is successful, is because the counsellor doesn’t know you.
The fact that the counselor doesn’t know you or interact with you on a day-to- day basis allows them the capacity to give you impartial and unbiased insights that will help you deal with the situation better and learn how to trust yourself and take independent actions in the future.The therapist can often offer you a perspective that your friends and family are either untrained to or might not know how to.

Myth #3: Counseling takes forever and is too expensive.
Fact: The time you’ll spend in counseling depends on many factors like the severity of your problem, your available time, as well as the treatment options offered. Research has shown that patients see positive change within an average of 6-12 sessions.
Community clinics can range from free to expensive rates according to the therapist you’re choosing. It’s important to do your research if finances is a barrier to investing in your mental health. Some therapists offer patients a sliding fee based on their income.

Myth#4: Couples counselling is only for people at the brink of separation.
Fact: Just like a plant requires regular care and water, so too does your relationship in order to thrive. Counselling van help you learn healthy communication skills, coping strategies and new perspectives that will help your current relationship blossom.

Myth# 5: Counselling doesn’t help, it will just make my problem worse.
Fact: A trained therapist can help using tools and treatment options beyond your well intentioned friends and family. Therapists can use talk therapy, art therapy or play therapy to help their clients explore their problems from various perspectives and offer insights to help gain a better understanding of the problem at hand.

Do you know people who are in need of therapy but the misconceptions and stigma above are stopping them from getting help?
Share this blog with them and help them live a fulfilling and healthy life!


Wishing you health and Wellness.